Metal Roofing –¬†Todays metal roofs are the best in the market for quality, durablity, and beauty. With regards to style and colors, there is a lot to choose from in metal roofing. It is very possible to take a common roof, and add a designer look and feel to your home. A metal roof can certainly improve the value of your home. A Metal roof will last up to 2-3 longer than the average roof and they are made of aluminum and will not rust. A non-metal roof will began to break down when exposed to elements do to the UV rays of the sun, weather, high winds and storms. The price of a metal roof is more cost effective for the life span of your home. As for quality, you will be getting the best the industry has to offer in roofing.

Connelly Roofing is one of the premier metal roof installers in the Northwest.

Metal roofing is in greater and greater demand these days. For home owners looking to increase the value of their home, reduce their carbon foot print, and have a roof that will withstand the the weather well, a metal roof is an excellent choice. Give us call and we will be happy to provide you further information on metal roofs and other great choices.